Brutal Discipline is the title of our 2nd demo. The effort contains the five songs Brutal Discipline, Grotesque Deliverance, Simulating the Living, Devoured by Clay and Slaves to a Black Sun.


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Formed in november 2008 by Julian (Ex-Cyanid) and Vaeis. Jesper soon joined and the three first tracks where written and finally recorded in the beginning of 2009. Lasse Meldgaard (Ex-Cyanid) recorded vocals on the three tracks, and the Promo was done. After a couple of weeks with auditions, Ulrik took the place as the lead vocalist.

Now in 2011 a second chapter is being written. The new demo "Brutal Discipline" has been released and the band has taken a quantum leap regarding both song writing and production.

Feel free to contact us regarding gigs, we are probably interested.


Bass: Jesper S. Nielsen
Guitar: Simon Jonas Larsen
Guitar: Lasse Lund
Drums: Julian May